Welcome to Grumpy old Gamers

We are a community for the older gamer, grumpy gamer . K/D ratio’s etc are not important here. Its all about taking part, having fun and getting involved with the banter.

We like to discuss cool games and getting fun. One of the most popular games in our community is World of Warcraft, we like that time when we can play with friends as a team in raids and etc. It`s not easy for new members because the game has a lot of content and while our new friends go through all this content they get bored by not an interesting part of it. So we ok if someone uses boosting services for wow. Someone can say that this is cheats, but we think that it will be better if you spend your time on that what you like instead of endless going to this point. We don`t think that this is that cheats which they are now, that ruined games for a player and for other players, we think if it`s a cheat it`s from that good old cheats, that give you fun from the game what you like, you can`t have time on all interesting things in the world. Also one of the favorites of boosting services for wow is boosthive, these guys know their work, especially at wow classic powerleveling. So we will be glad to anyone new members of our community, with any interests and playstyle!

Please read the community rules here