GOG Twitch channel

Here you can enjoy streaming games channels.

I suggested this on the other forums with the purple logo but it didnt go anywhere.  How about setting up a GoG twitch channel?  Heres how I think we could run it although I dont know a huge amount about the ins and outs of twitch.

Those of us who already record game play could stream it instead or as well as recording.  We could either designate one person to be the streamer and they have access to the GoG twitch account.  That person would probably be a combination or the person who is:

  • The most prolific player (ie online the most)
  • Has the fastest and most stable internet connection so it doesnt impact gameplay
  • is best at the game (although there maybe an argument that the worst at the game is best for PUBG as they can spectate the squad)

The alternative is that one or more of us have our own twitch accounts which the main GoG account can “host” which i think basically means they re-stream it.  This means the host can be changed relatively easily depending on who is playing in a particular game.

The benefits :

  • Bring more people into the GoG community through twitch
  • Nights people cannot get on they could potentially still follow the action on their phone and interact via text chat on twitch
  • If we end up with people having to sit out games because we have one too many, they can follow the gameplay on twitch while they wait for a spot.

we could start with just streaming our evening pubg/rocket league/forza/etc sessions and maybe more groups could form and stream to the channel.