Grumpy Old Gamers Forum and Team Speak Rules (also extends to all other services)

Welcome to Grumpy Old Gamers [GoG]! We are a community of mature and like minded gamers of ages 25 and above. The first thing to note about us is that we are not a clan, We are a community!

“That means that things like kill death ratio do not matter here at all.”

If you fancy playing games and sharing gaming information while having a laugh, joining in with other players both offline and online from all cultural backgrounds – Then GoG could be what you are looking for!!!

Like any community we do have a few rules that must be followed. Please read below:

Age restriction:
Please note, that primarily we are a community of players aged 25 and above. If you are below the age of 25 (Absolute minimum of 18) but would like to be part of our community then please note the following procedure:

You will need to be sponsored by an existing member that is above the age of 25.

A trial period will be entered into for 3 months after which a decision will be made as to if the trial has been passed successfully. The decision will be made by your sponsor together with two other members (Moderators or Admins).

***If a member is found to be below the age of 25, has never had a sponsor and has concealed his or her age from the rest of the members this will institute an instant ban.***

Any members below the age of 25 that had joined before 14/03/2015 can keep their membership status. Please be warned, that this can be revoked if unacceptable behavior takes place or breaking of any of the rules occur.

Forum Accounts: 
Please note that every member of GoG including Moderators and Administrators shall hold only one account for the GoG website and forum. Any member found to have created multiple accounts will immediately be stripped of all account(s) bare one. If the member has been found to have created multiple accounts to evade or bend rules then a permanent ban on all accounts maybe enforced.

Forum conduct and language
Please treat other members with respect. We don’t mind friendly banter of course. However, There will be times that you may not get on with other members but please try to be civil. If you wish to make a complaint then please read the “Reporting a problem” section below.

Grumpy people do swear, warnings will not be logged as long as this type of behavior does not result in hostility, constant bad language or deemed to be inappropriate for GoG’s site(s) and all other services.

Ideally we would like to avoid spam. Please do not spam links to other inappropriate sites.
Examples pornographic sites, advertising your products etc…

Some images might be removed if deemed not fit for GoG.

Sensitive information
Not to be posted on the forums and in doing so will be at your own risk. GoG accepts no responsibility at all.

Bullying, Racism and Sexism
Not tolerated. As simple as that.

No need for it, we don’t want it and so don’t bring that kind of BS here….

Reporting a problem 
(We cannot make everyone like each other, However, if something needs to be addressed (such as bullying) – Please send a PM to the Admin or Mods who will treat your problem with confidence):

  • Member(s) causing a problem:
  • Date:
  • Location: (e.g. Forum/TS)
  • Situation:
  • Evidence:

*Problems with Mods will be elevated to Administrators.
*Problems with Admins will be elevated to Alcoholic1978 

Ban Stages:
Ban stage 1: Temp ban for two weeks
Ban stage 2: Temp ban for 1 month
Ban stage 3: Permanent Ban

Inactive time frame….
Members that have not logged into GoG’s website or have not indicated a return for up to a year will have their accounts removed.

Requests to be removed..
Please contact a Moderator or Admin via the sites message system.

Forum disclaimer – 

GoG is not responsible for the material shared or the acts of individuals on the site in any way shape or form.

Material from other sites.

You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board.

Please always include sources and credit for material gained from other sites. This will need to be clearly stated at the start of the post. This is including paraphrasing people!

If you have any questions please contact a moderator or admin on the site.


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Thank you, we hope you enjoy your time with Grumpy Old Gamers!