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Welcome to our community, say hello then!

Hi Guys,

Just joined the Grumpy Old Gamers.  I mostly play on the Xbox One these days.

I have just started playing Far Cry 5 and the Sea of Thieves when I get time and the Xbox is free from the kids playing Fortnite!  (on my account!)

It would be good to team up for SoT if anyone is playing it, I have still a lot to learn and started to give up and the match making bit.

Xbox gamer tag is Incisse  or Evolzze (if I cant get on incisse due to kids on Fortnite!)

I have been a gamer for a long time, mostly the PC in the past.  All started with games like Counterstrike, then Wow for a long time.

I have been a member of The Older Gamers a long time, but thought it would be nice to be in a community in the same time zone as most its members. Hence the Grumpy Old Gamers.

Hopefully see some of you online in near future.

PS. If you see my gamer Xbox gamer tag, and its playing Fortnite or Roblox, then its not me.


Gavin aka Inciise